Hospotel is a joint venture between Roxylight, Ambercycle Ltd and Lester Hotels Ltd to fund, develop and operate its unique concept public-private patient hotel model at hospitals throughout the UK and Europe.

The concept is aimed at improving the efficiency and convenience of acute hospitals by providing safe and suitable accommodation for planned early admissions, patients fit for medical discharge (who cannot go home for mainly social care reasons) and family and friends accompanying patients.  It would also enable a greater number of day-surgery cases.  View prospectus

The key features of an Hospotel development are:

  • Located on or immediately adjoining hospital site
  • 120-200 3∗ rooms in prominent location with good links to hospital circulation
  • Can be built above surface car parks without losing valuable spaces
  • Quality design with attractive but robust finishes & limited conferencing
  • High proportion of accessible rooms with en-suite wet rooms
  • Budget, nutritionally balanced meal choices with room service option
  • Specially trained non-medical staff to assist (but not nurse) guests
  • Guests may purchase ancillary nursing packages from private providers
  • Hospital landowner receives ground rent or room rate discount
  • Trust receives + 6% credit against net referrals above target occupancy level

The hotel is developed under a lease for a minimum term of 30-years and management agreement with pre-agreed service levels and a room referral target (averaged over 4-week accounting period).  In return a ground rent would be paid or the host-hospital can take benefit as room rate discount. Hospotel will manage recovery of room tariffs from guests, other referrers and/or relevant social services, subject to pre-authorisation.

We are keen to explore this concept with Trusts and are convinced it can practically, flexibly and sustainably deliver

  • Improved efficiency in managing caseload
  • Carefully managed clinical risk
  • Significant cost savings
  • A high quality environment for guests
  • Better choice for visitors, family & friends

Please see our prospectus and contact us for your own free site evaluation without obligation.

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